I realized today, Ghost World is an awesome film. But only to be fully appreciated by the angst ridden, rejected, or the truly masochistic. The movie ends with no apologies, giving me one more reason to gripe. And I love it. As I watched the end credits roll by I realized, I never acted out as a teen....

It  wasn't so much a concious choice to behave, but perhaps I didn't quite understand what the fuss was all about. I've conflicting emotions since I can remember, so hormones, ridicule, and peer pressure are just dressing on the fucked up salad I call life. And mine is that $2.99 House salad you get at roadside dinners. The lettuce has seen better days, your tomato obviously wasn't genetically blessed, and the dressing is inevitably Ranch. Not to mention it gets brougth to you by a waitress who looks like she's debating between slitting her wrists and serving you another cup of coffee.

So, watch Ghost World. If not for the extremely talented Steve Buschemi, then for the extremely talented and hot, Thora Birch. Did I mention a certain Scarlett in her film debut?

The season finale of Alias is today. Watch it, or be miserable.