Nothing is as scary as too much free time. Looking through my stack of old cdr's I ran across one labeled, JTHM PS Airbrush. It took me a second to figure, but it parses to: Johnny The Homicidal Manic Photoshop Airbrush. These are a few black and white panels I redid using vectors, and airbrushed. I didn't follow any conventions, but the results satisfied me. Hopefully I'm much better these days, but I hope you enjoy them, Jhonen Vasquez is awesome. Some of you might notice Grr going crazy in your upper left hand corner.

I give complete credit to Jhonen, as I did virtually nothing. These images are copyrighted by Jhonen Vasquez and his respective publishers and if they have a problem with me publishing 1/3rd of a page of a 120 page publication, in a blog visited by 3 people, then I will remove them. (I will remove them in a week anyways.) Please do not copy these images, and use them for your own unless your willing to take full responsability.

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