For one reason or another, I’ve not posted for the past few days. Not that I’ve been truly busy. Instead, I’ve been bogged down by those impossibly worthless things you can’t help but do.Such as, watch countless hours of TV (mostly , Invader Zim, and a variety of movies too good to be mentioned here), play guitar for so long your fingers feel like spaghetti, and finally, allow your friends to waste your entire day on things that make you reconsider your moral objection to murder. One more thing: as if to prove what a loser I am, I actually have a blister from mashing buttons trying to use a “submission” move on wrestler The Undertaker. Conclusion: I’m thinking of turning back time, to my insomniac days, where I concentrated on hitting on as many women as possible to ascertain I was indeed still functioning.

No secret, just ask my friends, I’m in love with Sydney Bristow. I’m careful to make the distinction between Ms. Jen Garner and Sydney, though from what I’ve seen, the only thing Jen Garner is missing are the high-tech gadgets. I mention this only as a prelude —the best show on television is Alias, starring (ta-da) Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow. While there is no shortage of great serial dramas (see 24, Sopranos, Six Feet Under) there is a small but important difference. While 24 and The Sopranos painstakingly recreate reality (with the usual Hollywood !!), Alias knits a canvas where reality is simply a backdrop. Alias is so charming and smart that you begin to cheer for Sydney, hate Arvin Sloane, and decide that Vaughan and Syd really do belong together; all before the opening credits roll by. So watch it now, thank me later.

I’ll mention some band happenings, since the band hosts my page, and I am, after all, a member. We have several new songs, all of them different, and yet somehow, still ph7. I think it’s time to hit the studio again, and as soon as that happens, I’ll have pictures posted here. I’ve also heard rumors of a website redesign, and with that we’ll post a backlog of our music. We have several upcoming shows, which should be posted by somebody on the main News page soon. I’ve got more old photos coming (posted here until the webpage redesign).

A dios.

Pay attention to: the road, your girlfriend, and ph7. Otherwise, you’ll end up dead, lonely, or totally uncool. (2 outa 3…. 2 outa 3)