I’ve lived my whole life. It wasn’t that hard. I simply stood there and let it happen. I got shoved, punched, and screamed at about the sanctity of life and the pleasures of god, or perhaps the other way around. A variety of numbers and words were thrown at me and eventually thrust down my throat. When they got no objections from me, it worried them. I was alive and they knew it. They scurried about counting the number of times I said the word “banana” and watched me play Lego’s, writing long meaningless words on thin cream colored paper. All the while I yawed and swam a few laps in whichever pool they insisted on that week. They declared me smart enough, but “he’d better get with the program.” A little girl smiled at me from across the room. I think she was alive too. They covered my eyes, and the next day they washed my ears with high pressure water jets. Then I broke my arm; their faces were full of “I told you so.” This young man hasn’t given up yet, please get him a wheelchair. He’s gonna need an operation. They took six pieces of my brain and studied them for three days. They wanted to put them back but who needed morality and its bastard children. They marked me, Do Not Resuscitate, and sent me home. They checked on me from time to time. “A lost case” they decided and left me to my own incomplete wits. I’ve lived my whole life. It wasn’t that hard. I simply stood there and let it happen.Sarcasm; if you’re going to argue with me that it’s asinine, try to avoid using it as a coercive technique, you dolt.I’ve folded twenty small pieces of paper into flapping birds that have eyes. As soon as they start speaking I will be releasing them into the wild for everybody to enjoy.It’s currently 4am. Forgive me for everything I’ve written.Ja.