I try to pretend that I learn something new everyday. To my complete surprise, I usually do. But it’s never what I wanted to learn, or even remotely useful at all. Yesterday I learned that writing isn’t always enjoyable, but always productive. If you read the post yesterday, you might disagree. You might say I have it backwards. But that only shows how much you’ve learned. Today, I learned something much more frightening, because it’s something about me. I learned that there is the possibility that I’m actually the happiest person in my given circle. And that idea brings to mind a virtually unlimited amount of reasons to discard hope as simply being the ultimate “in” word. If you step back for a second, look at the whole of history, and allow the flash card behind your eyes to relate it to your own life, can you seriously find a reason why hope hasn’t been phased out with other trendy bad ideas. Crystal Pepsi anyone?Every time I being to say the phrase, “I’m proud of….” I feel very old. Only the ancient compliment the young this way, right? Why should we be proud of our elders? They’ve had the chance, now they should be proud of us. That’s all beside the point:* I’m proud of my little brother for having been raised by my parents and not being a complete geek. He’s also on the way to kicking my ass in the artistic ability dept.* I’m proud of Stephanie for becoming an awesome songwriter and a kick ass vocalist. I’m even prouder that she’s a much stronger person than when I met her.* I’m proud of my mom for becoming open minded to a world that requires it.* I’m proud of my uncle for facing awful situations and not breaking down on his resolution to be successful.* I’m proud of Dan for choosing a career that he loves rather than needs.* I’m proud of Kenya for deciding she’d rather be happy than merely satisfied, and working forward on those grounds.* I’m proud of Max for being a person that does what he says and says what he does, never faltering to offer a real opinion. He’s also on the way to kicking my ass in the artistic ability dept.* I’m proud of Linda for carrying large burdens with a smile. But, stop it sometimes, please?When I write that I’m proud, you might figure I’m insinuating that I had something to do with their accomplishments. I assure you that besides beating the crap out of my brother, I’ve only observed them as they grow taller than me (sometimes literally). A million people aren’t mentioned above, mostly because they don’t want people to know that they speak to the pathetic human being who writes these words.Have you ever tried being happy just because it’s on the menu?To the person that commented on it seeming I was working through writers block last night, thanks for making me feel like I have actual writing talent. For that you get a million life points, redeemable for a long, deep breath of fresh air. Thank me later.Ja.