I’m wrong often. Hang out with me for a day and watch me stumble through life. But not only am I wrong often, I’m consistently wrong about the fact that I’m wrong…It’s here that I’ll let you nod your head in agreement. “Yes, he is. Yes, he does.” You think resolutely. And here is where I tug my own chain, float my own boat, and blow my own whistle. This is what the arrogance boils down to, the reason I’m a loser with an ego that won’t quit. Make sure you sit down for this; I wouldn’t want you to hurt your sweet little head as you go into shock. Alright, now that you’re sitting down. (By the way, why the hell were you standing at your computer?) Take a deep breath and start thinking. What the hell am I talking about? Why am I so confident when I shouldn’t be? When you figure it out, get a glass of water and leave me a comment explaining below. Otherwise I’ll tell you next time. (Smiles smugly)“Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating.”-Joel in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”Yesterday, I woke up at 4am, and right when I opened my eyes, my Alias poster fell. I just let it lay there. I turned over and went back to sleep. This isn’t a noteworthy event (to you anyways) but the thought that immediately followed it was (to me anyways). I though about having a kid, a little baby girl who smiled and giggled. And just as I enjoyed this notion for the first time in my life, a perverse idea crept into semi-consciousness. What if I didn’t teach her about God? If I absolutely guarded her from exposure to the very idea, would she eventually come up with it on her own? Thankfully, this though was pushed to the back of my mind by the irony of me dreaming of a child. I chuckled and went back to sleep. If I could publish every though in my head, I definitely would. Soon, I’d the most hated man on the planet, and I would sell ad space to gun shops. “Tired of this asshole, 20% off selected rifles.”Someday...Some lyrics, a translation, and a goodbye.¿Quien me entregar sus emociones?¿Quien me va a pedir que nunca la abandone?¿Quien me tapara esta noche, si ase frió?¿Quien me va a curar el corazón partido?¿Quien llenara de primaveras este enero?¿Y bajara la luna para que juguemos?Dice me, si tu te vas, dime cariño mió,¿Quien me va a curar el corazón partido?- Alejandro Sanz “Corazón Partido”Who will hand me over every emotion?Who will beg me never to leave her?Who will cover me tonight when it’s cold?Who will cure my broken heart?Who will fill the winter with spring andBring down the moon to play?Tell me, if you go, tell me love,Who will cure my broken heart?Notice that I’ve only translated for meaning. Go learn Spanish to learn why I like the song.Ja.