It's not that I don't care. I do, sincerely. If fact, the amount of time that I devote to caring is rather unseemly and seems damn near wasteful. However, care as I might, there is a certain point at which your words begin to incomprehensibly lose meaning. I'll struggle to comprehend for a few seconds and then, usually, I check out. You, of course, continue talking. Eventually my eyes glaze over and right before I begin to lose consciousness, you stop to take a breath. At this point I have three choices. One, I can nod vigorously with a concerned look on my face and brace myself for another round of useless information. Two, I tell you the truth (something along the lines of “I don't care”) and walk away. Three (my personal favorite), I try to kiss you. This technique works marvelously. You see, since your incessant jabbering is driving me to sleep, your probably female. At this point, I either successfully lock lips (at which point silence ensues) or you push me away and evacuate the immediate area. Another problem solved. Oh, and by the way, this is complete bullshit. Of course that everything you say is fascinating.Note: I don't think that women in particular are boring, I simply didn't feel I should admit I regularly kiss men.It doesn't go both ways. If you ask me for advice, especially about relationships, please refrain from ever: giving me your own advice on the same topic, giving my own advice back to me (at least paraphrase), or even expect that I actually give you advice. Exception: your problem is based in reality and I can genuinely help you. It helps if you own a matching pair of chromosomes.Note: I don't discriminate against people that own both an X and Y chromosome. I simply won't give men my usual advice, “sex solves everything.” They already know that.Is it too late to talk about Thanksgiving? I haven't posted since the holiday due to the increased consumption of tryptophan (gobble). Not me (I'm a vegetarian), but the general population. I didn't think anybody would be awake long enough to read much of anything. I had a good holiday, appreciated the time of leisure, and managed to get nothing done whatsoever, which is exactly how holidays should be.You might have noticed the new design. It'll come in stages, with this being stage one. Next I'll pretty it up a bit (but keep it simple) and maybe add a “link of the day” somewhere. Finally, stage three, will have (as the name implies) audio of me, Nick, speaking. Don't hold your breath.The band is doing relatively well (relative to what? Hmm... Blind Melon). I still continue to (attempt to) revolve my free time around music. The rest of the band selfishly dedicates their free time to daily life (with possible exception(s)). ph7 also seems to have only three permanent members, with two making various appearances at their own discretion. I argue that, like sitcoms, we begin to have guest appearances. Obviously, this is only me being bitter (and whining).We got a writeup in my school's paper, the SMC Corsair. Max dissects it on his blog, so I'll leave that for you to find. Needless to say, I didn't make the picture.Your friends waste more time attempting to hide the fact that they love you than they... well, anything else. This explains why they always seem brainless. Call me an optimist.Ja.You can now simply visit –NickSpeaks