Going from one obsession to the other is way of life for me. Just as some live from deadline to deadline, check to check, and game to game, I live from mania to mania. And it just so happens to be Beatle-mania at the moment.It’s happens occasionally, and is usually triggered by the spontaneous humming of Come Together at wildly inappropriate times. Never, ever hum a Beatle song during math finals. Everyone will take it the wrong way, including your professor.My current infatuation was the result of irresponsible clicking. My biological-psych textbook has elegantly achieved the goal of all textbooks: to be written so poorly that you must absolutely attend class. A noble objective, if your professor were available at your disposal. Browsing a Wikipedia entry on Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) in search of actually comprehensible prose on the topic, I began clicking on the numerous links it contains. I then clicked on the links that those pages contained, and so on. A couple of hours later, I had landed at the main “The Beatles” entry. The path I took was wild and exciting, but apparently, forgettable. I don’t remember half of it. It did involve testosterone, eunuchs, and alternative guitar tunings. I wish you good luck in attempting to recreate my path. As always, it’s easier to stumble into remarkable than to actively seek it.The Beatles entry is quite complete. If you follow the majority of links, you can, by spatial devices or simple memorization, become an expert on the Fab Four in thirty minutes or so. If you like the Beatles at all, I suggest you skim it. You can follow links to entries on each of the individual members, and producer George Martin and, perhaps contemptuously, Yoko Ono.My favorite Beatle is John Lennon. People often accuse me of picking him based on his being, hmm, indefinitely detained. This is hogwash. Dead or alive, he was a musician without peers. The fact that he was a great human being is merely icing on the cake. Oh, how I love icing.After reading the entry, I got myself the Let It Be documentary, listened to Beatles music exclusively for a whole week, and learned to play a ton of Beatles songs (which I promptly forgot).Time to wrap this up, but first: Come Together has been joined by another Lennon penned ditty, Don’t Let Me Down. I plan to hum this one during various solemn occasions, such as while attending Mass, Funerals, Jubilee and while taking a shit.Ja.