It’s a bit early by my standards. I’m here at school, in the library, killing time before I have to go back to another mind-numbing lecture. Its quiet here; peaceful even. There is a serene, thoughtful mood to the morning. Everybody is still wondering what they should have for breakfast.Despite what I may say occasionally, I don’t hate school. There are a lot of things I could do without: homework, homework, and attendance policies. The learning part is great, but this only happens occasionally while I’m actually at school. Usually, reading the severely overpriced textbook will get you the desired grade on the test, plus you can set your own pace. Reading is the whole of my usual study time. So far, I’ve had only had one class where studying was required to get an A in the course. I loved that class. The teacher gave us third level exams on a first level course, and then threw in a curve to compensate. Those tests were cruel. Even if you memorized the text, you’d never get an A without the help of the curve ( unless you had a Master’s in Neuroscience and Developmental Psychology).This summer is mentally grueling. I wish it was the material, but I took both chemistry and geometry sophomore year of high school, and even then it was easy. No, it’s grueling because both of my teachers are boring. They both have heavy accents. My chemistry teacher is intelligent and competent, if dull. My geometry teacher can barely speak English, so I can’t tell if he’s intelligent. He frequently leads the class down erroneous paths, to which I can only roll my eyes. I’m not there to fix anything. Teach me, goddamn it!So this post is stupid and useless, but it’s too early for anything else. At least there’s something new on here.Ja.