So I'm back to this over-glorified botox and silicon wasteland of Los Angeles. I had a great time being away from life for a while. I can't say I missed home life much. Below is the introduction for the journal I meant to keep of the trip. That never really happened. I plan to write a few pages of it, a sort of post-narrative. But the few words below were actually written on the hard ground of my tent under the neon green illumination of a glow-stick.Meanwhile, Brenda kept a true-to-life account, which she is slowly posting on her website. Photos are included, or you can visit Dan's photo blog. Max might write a bit also. School started today. So far, both my professors speak perfect English, which makes me suspicious. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my Bio teacher doesn't speak a variation of sea lion. I'm always raving about some new band, but lately, I haven't had one I actually liked. Sure, The Decemberist's might earn you cool points, but do you really enjoy the album? Death Cab for Cutie rocks, but they'll be on KROQ anytime now. Besides, it doesn't matter... Pretty Girls Make Graves. It'll soothe your soul and kick your ass at the same time. Download a few songs here (key track: Speakers Push Air). New album next month. Anybody up to see them at The Troubadour in October? If your trendy, they have a crapspace page.Ja.