My dad always had to make a big stink about my chores before I actually did any of them. At first, he’d nicely ask me to cut the grass that weekend. I’d, hmm, forget. So then, he’d get my mom to remind me of it on Monday or Tuesday. By Thursday, he’d start mentioning the lawn getting long and how beautiful it looked when it was freshly clipped. By Saturday though, a week after he’d asked me to do it in the first place, he’d start making comments about the lawnmower becoming permanently attached to my asshole. I mowed the lawn like a motherfucker.You might have heard about Operation Wildfire. It’s the DEA’s clever codename for a national meth lab sting operation. You see, meth labs (and meth usage) are spreading like… you guessed it, wildfire. So, they took down 56 labs in a single week. It’s almost as if they’re on the fucking drug.Except, of course ,there is the fact that Congress had been making a big stink about methamphetamines just a few weeks before. So, maybe, they’re just mowing the lawn.Oh, one more thing. Their great new ‘cyber’ tool against the impact of meth on kids. A website.As of yesterday, you can no longer smoke on the SMC campus. The hazards of second-hand smoke, fire, and addiction have been avoided. Or, just maybe, everybody will just move to the sidewalk for a cancer inducing, nicotine feeding, oh so delicious, cigarette. But that would never happen.Don’t do (too many) drugs.Sidebar: So, Death Cab for Cutie is already on KROQ apparently. I must have missed the memo. No matter, Plans is still great, it’s just their shows that’ll get crowded.Ja.