I like the idea of laughing for about 50% of my waking life. It doesn’t take much effort. There is always something to chuckle at nearby; even a memory might suffice in times of scarcity. You can laugh loudly, if you wish to share it, or silently, to be betrayed only by your eyes. Your best recourse is others who wish to laugh as terribly. Jokes are more easily uncovered with friends.There are the desperate jokes, which are saved only by their pathetic appearance. You laugh at their stupidity. There are the intolerably clever jokes, whose teller remains quietly worried, wondering if it will fly at too high an altitude. Stupid jokes, which are a dime a dozen, but are capable of the most destruction if aimed properly. Rare are the jokes of opportunity, which like a rare bird, are fleeting but beautiful. Cute jokes are dependent on delivery, otherwise they end up spontaneously mutating into some cross of both desperate and stupid. Finally, there are the sarcastic jokes. Being my favorite, let's spend a bit more time on these.First, let's clear something up. Sarcasm is not an art. You do not master it. Yes, it requires intelligence, but you, my friend, cannot acquire it. No. Listen. Sarcasm is a gift. A gift which slaps you in the face more often than not, but like any ferocious muse, delivers the goods. And you, the kindly reader, do not have such a gift. Wanting it, or thinking you already have it, excludes you as a carrier. It appears at the edges of reason and sight, guiding you only by touch. Do I have it? Well, no. That privilege has not been mine to have.So, back to the sarcastic joke. While it is hard to describe, it is worth the labour.It is not obvious, but neither is it clever. It cuts to the quick, like paper, leaving a cruel sting, which might leave the sensitive cursing. It is an acquired taste, but rare are those that haven't acquired it. Most important, it alone is not hilarious. One must bind and build them together, like strings in an orchestra. However, their most perfect asset, and the reason they remain my favored, is their insidious nature. They can be remembered for a lifetime, and repeated with little consequence throughout.You might have been hoping this argument might lead to something. Perhaps, you have been deprived of another type of joke, the cruel one.


Watch this video of Imogen Heap literally doing magic.KCRWI think i'm in love. Okay, maybe not, but damn...Ja.