Okay, so what the fuck was I talking about in that last post? I know what I meant, but I think I did a little too much ‘literary’ masturbation in getting to my point. Like everything though, I like it. In keeping with a few themes (honesty, didactic meanderings, and coming across as a fool):Everybody (ignoring those finicky exceptions) I know reads this page, and rather frequently at that. The amount of people I know is usually either much higher or much lower than you’d think. So, putting off the ten-ton truck of posts I mean to write, a list of things that (almost) nobody knows:• I go outside and look at the stars every night. I have no idea when or why it started. I just do. Sometimes, if I’m busy, it’s just a quick glance, but I’ve been known to indulge in a twenty minute gaze.• I have a favorite tree. Except, some idiot cut it down, so know I only have a second favorite tree (which is the first tree’s sibling).• The only real pet I ever had was a fish. He lived for about five years. His name was John, and to this day, that is what I always initially name any male characters when I’m writing anything.• When I was about four, it was the opinion of several doctors that I would be deaf. Suckas…• I once got detention twenty days in a row, for different reasons. The disciplinary dean had truly abnormally large ears.• I’ve stayed awake for twelve days straight, twice. Don’t be stupid, go to sleep. It's a bad sign when the back of your eyeballs actually hurt.Alright, that’s enough. There are a few things I couldn’t let myself put on there, despite trying to be completely honest. Maybe when more time passes.***I’ve been angry at too many people lately. So, I’m going to apologize to the only person who it was stupid to be angry with in the first place. I won’t say said persons name because it’s no fun that way. Don’t worry; it’s easy to figure out.If you really want to really get under my skin, you just have to get me to like you. This isn’t the type of ‘like’ where you find a person charming or funny. Nor is it a keyword for ‘find attractive’. It isn’t even about friendship. It’s my favorite type of feeling: one without a reason. So, I was so angry at said person, who I like, that I didn’t like them much anymore (This is called “Valley Girl Reasoning”). So I really wanted to piss them off. So I start spewing as much bitter sarcastic jabs as I could think up at this person. I’m trying to get said person to get mad, but I’ve never seen this person mad, so it’s very difficult to gauge. So I keep going, for something like a month, maybe longer. Soon it becomes the normal way I interact with said person, which is horrible.Then, this week, I heard myself sounding so bitter and jaded when talking to, and later, about said person, that I felt horrible. I’m tired of wasting so much time being angry at said person for nay a feeble motive, and I’d like to apologize. A real sorry, so sorry. The funniest thing is that they probably never noticed.(Half of you think that I’m talking about a certain angel, the other about a magic man. I don’t want to give it away, but I’m pretty sure s/he just cut his/her hair and won't admit it.)(I am laughing so hard right now, it’s not even funny. It’s half reading what I just wrote, and half at Jon Stewart)Ja.