I spent Monday night talking to myself. Talking to myself has actually been on my mind for a bit now. I can’t really help it. I do it at home, in my car, and sometimes, in line when buying lunch. When other people are present, I usually keep it quiet, but I find myself making facial expressions in response to theoretical replies. I talk to myself about everything; just a massive stew of surprisingly coherent thoughts, peppered by jokes and observations. Sometimes, I’ll relive a recent moment in my head, and change the flow of the conversation into where I wished it gone. Sometimes, I make up new conversations with people, simply because I can. There isn’t any history of schizophrenia in my family. In terms of neurological disorders, I’d say I should be more wary of Parkinson’s than anything. That doesn’t mean I am not worried, but I’m waiting. There may be a day when I have a conversation with somebody who isn’t there, but I won’t know it. If that ever happens, I’ll promptly walk myself to the nearest hospital.I’m afraid that all this talking to myself might be detrimental to the actual dialogue I have with my fellow humans. So, in the proactive way that has been beat into my head by experience, I’m going to try to change that. So, expect a call from me soon.