Everybody is busy preparing for lives they do not want. They work so hard for things they detest. Are they the one's with an affliction of the mind? Or is it me, standing on a mountain of a mole-hill with an expression which looks to be indifference, but is unadulterated amazement. Apathy is an emotion long lost to me. All I wish is a magic trick which might catch their attention, so that they may not dig their own graves and lie in them the moment they are complete. Above all things, I am not a coward. That I should run from my dreams and aspirations is tantamount to suicide. To throw a worthless life away in pursuit of impossible dreams is a noble adventure, though it may end in the same death as any other. The air of compromise that surrounds everybody I love makes them seem a sickly gray. I want to shake them awake. Hello, you piece of shit. Is there still reason within you? Will you not listen to me for a bit? Do you not understand my frustration? Fuck you! Do not pin your hopes and dreams in my view and then expect me to let them fall without anguish. Everything points to my falling if you do not stand with me. Do not save me. Save us. Stop compromising. Nobody will remember you, coward, thief. You ghost of a human. You are nothing if not but a bag of bones which may set forth and die gloriously. Do not pick your battles. Fight them all and win even the ones you lose. There is no give and take. Give all you have and hopefully you'll be dead before you can collect your debts.For the people that read this stupid fucking excuse for actual communication. Wake up. Let's fucking do something for once.***Due to all the domain shenanigans, and to save my editor(s) some grief before finals, I will postpone posting the first part of my novel until late next week. I'm well on my way and I'm excited. It may turn out to be horrible, but it's my horrible.Ja.