So, I’m going to resist the temptation to whine about how much work I have to do (something about how that 250th calc problem conjures up images of fingernails being pulled out with pliers). Not the mention the utter lack of sleep that no self-respecting junior college (otherwise known as high school with cigarettes) student would allow himself to be subjected to.Okay, so I did whine a bit. It’s so nice to have your own website.On that note, I though I’d make up for my absolute neglect of you, my dear reader, for the past few months with a couple of the random thoughts that make me an downright nerd/geek/loser or a neekoser (pronounced do-rk).(Anybody notice that I just used three synonyms in the same sentence? And no, nerd/geek/loser are not synonyms.)1. I’ve been playing a lot of chess lately (I did mention I was a geek?). It’s something I come back to every couple of years. It’s fun, and I seem to get better.So, to get to the point, I was at Fry’s Electronics looking for some knick-knack or the other. I’m walking down the aisle, and ahead of me I see this very cute store employee helping a customer. Then she moved, and behind her was this ugly man/woman thing with bright red lipstick and a three o’ clock shadow. The first thing that popped into my head was, oh shit, discovered attack.2. I’ve developed a habit, most distressingly.

Oh, sorry. What habit? A little example would serve best:Friend: I want you meet my friend Nick.Friend: Nick, this is Stacy.Stacy: Nice to meet you, Nick.Nick: Nice to meet you, Nick.No, that wasn’t a mistake. I actually introduced myself to, well, myself. Is this just a side-effect of my frequent conversations with myself? (I may be crazy, but I do not bother with introductions with myself every time. Only when I’m not sure who I’m talking to.)So, I’ve done this more than a few times. Am I just that egotistical? (All signs point to yes.)I’ll try post at least once a month.Ja.