It’s hard to have negative thoughts when you’d had such a great weekend.I spent all day Saturday at Six Flags with friends, with even the 100 degree heat proving little deterrent to feeling free of responsibility and consequently, elated. Then I spent a couple of hours silently watching a musician I so greatly admire sing songs that I most greatly enjoy; complaints notwithstanding, Ms. Apple.Sunday, I woke up relatively early to head to the residence of yet another musician I admire, to do something I enjoy very much: make music, or at the very least, something akin to music. For lunch, my cohorts and I made turkey burgers with organic lettuce (purchased accidentally) and a two dollar tomato (outrageous!). They weren’t delicious but then again, not many things are. Soon, I had to leave, to watch Fiona Apple again!The drive to Santa Barbara was thankfully uneventful though I did get scoped by somebody’s parents as I picked them up, most likely to assure themselves I could easily be picked up from a police line-up, should the need arise.I felt great, as I always do when driving away from home.On arriving to Santa Barbara, we watched a soccer game, got inspired, and proceeded to kick a ball amongst ourselves ‘till it was time for the concert; it (the concert) turned out great. Then we kicked the ball around a bit more. Then, we went to Denny’s; a fitting close to any weekend of mine.The tired drive home was occupied trying to maintain an intense enough conversation to stay awake but avoid delving into saying complete nonsense. Did I succeed? I sincerely hope not. Nonsense is always an entertaining endeavor unto itself and occasionally more meaningful than those things we venture to say with meaning.To avoid further tangents, I’ll cut myself off here.Ja.