So after a quick trip to Sportsmart, whereupon I found that soccer mini-goals start at $40 (and that for wire-frame crap), I realized I could make two of them with $12 worth of PVC tubing and coupling. It worked out great, if I do say so myself; took me about a half-hour. I really truly seriously don’t like to feel like I’m being ripped off. After attending the disappointing Brainwash Film Festival in the Bay area, I’m leaning toward starting a drive-in film festival down here. If anybody thinks this sounds like a good idea, I’ll need help. I really want to go to the zoo; in fact, I want to visit all the local zoo’s if possible. Don’t ask me why. If you too have this itch and wanna come, please do. Monkeys are mean. (This weekend I’ll probably be up at the small but excellent Santa Barbara Zoo…)