As I sit here in my unimportant chair, looking at my dreary life with uneducated eyes, I feel it. The world is rising up and getting ready to swallow us. Men have flooded us with acronyms and obfuscated paradigms; creations of exponential complexity, uncontrolled, uncontrollable. And we are meek and we will watch, afraid but pacified, self assured. We will drown together and even then, we will not raise our voices, weary of the truth spilling forth seductively. In a perfect world, the world we like to imagineā€”a world with Jack Buer and Gregory House and Rorschach. A world where the right thing is done as a matter of course. In that reality, the word is not an article in a wiki. The word is absolute violence. The word rips flesh from bone. The word terrifies. The word rapes and pillages and burns. The word is absolute evil for relative good.Revolution.It will never happen but sometimes, honestly, don't you think it should?